Scrap Recycling Can Be Lucrative

Gas prices are hight, the dollar is low, and recycling scrap is now getting more attention than ever before by consumers. While it would be nice to think that this was all a matter of an across the board awakening to the problems presented by not recycling and a collective urge to reduce, reuse, and […]

Recycling Plastic Has Many Benefits

You will find that recycling plastic is quite easy in most cities and states across the country. There are various ordinances in place concerning the recycling of plastic bottles and other plastic materials so you will need to find out what the guidelines in your community are before you begin recycling these bottles. Benefit’s of […]

Benefits Of Green Energy Sources

For a very long time, we have relied on fossil fuels. It provides heat to our homes, gas for our cars and electricity. Since we are now using it more than ever, there is a consequence. We are depleting our resources and slowly killing our planet. Fortunately, we can change our ways and then shift […]

Biofuels Are A Green Energy Source

Biofuels are also a green energy source. It has been around for a very long time and lately, people are beginning to take notice. Liquid biofuel which is the one used in cars is a natural and renewable domestic fuel that can only be used for diesel engines. This can be made from vegetable oils […]

Can You Use A Water To Power A Car?

For more than a century, we rely on oil to fuel our cars. But did you know that the world’s oil is close to drying up because it is a nonrenewable resource? Well that may not happen tomorrow or next year but we are getting closer because of the demand in the world market. Why […]

Saving Energy: Learning From Californians

The recent electricity problems that happened in California made them rethink the manner in which energy is used and saved. The effort conducted at conserving this resource made many people to reevaluate their choices on energy consumption. The truth is there is really not that much energy to waste. The examples made by Californians about […]

Geothermal As A Green Energy Source

We have the technology to do a lot of things and one of these is to tap the earth’s energy. This is exactly what we do when we decide to use geothermal which happens to be a green energy source. Geothermal energy is energy obtained by tapping heat from the earth it’self. This comes from […]

How To Make Your Own Green Energy Source

Wouldn’t it be great if we can produce our own green energy source? If we can do that, we don’t have to pay electrical bills or gasoline anymore for our cars. While we can buy some of the equipment, the rest will have to be done on our own. Take solar or wind energy for […]

Is Biomass A Green Energy Source?

Is biomass a green energy source? According to experts, yes it is. In fact, it is one of the three main areas of bioenergy. But what is bioenergy? Well, it is a process by which organic material such as animal waste, plants and wood are used to generate electricity, produce heat and also aid in […]