Alternative Energy Fund Options

Alternative energy is defined as energy that comes from a natural source such as the sun, wind or water, and is renewable and eco friendly. Alternative energy has recently received an influx of interest and appeal due to the rising costs of gasoline and oil. Environmental concerns have arisen in regards to the use of fossil fuels including pollution, green house gases, and carbon emissions. Alternative energy companies are springing up all across the globe with focuses not only on marketing alternative energy sources, but also on developing new technologies to use the resources that are available. With all of the interest in alternative energy, which is not expected to decline in the near future, now is a great time to think about investing in an alternative energy fund.

When looking for an alternative energy fund, there are several places to go and many opinions on what the best course of action is. Across the board the most stable alternative energy fund appears to be found in EFTs which are exchange traded funds. Investors are advised to look for a company that operates in newer technology and research.

There is also a wide array of independent alternative energy fund availability if going with an exchange traded fund is not of interest. Alternative energy fund purchasing can be done through such companies as Guinness Atkinson Funds, Firsthand Alternative Energy Funds, Calvert Global Alternative Energy Funds, and New Alternatives Fund. These companies focus on investing in listed companies that have a positive effect on the environment in a socially responsible way. They also will avoid investing in any companies that contribute to the pollution problems and harm the environment. An alternative energy fund will invest in solar power, wind power, fuel cells, ocean energy, hydro power, energy conservation, hydrogen, biomass, geothermal, and natural gas when it is used in the cleanest possible way utilizing modern turbines and fuel cells.

Technology for alternative energy sources has progressed a lot in recent years and as a result hydro, wind, biomass, and geothermal powers are more economically viable. Solar energy, which has a huge potential, should be more economically viable in the next few years. With all of the advancement in technology and the ever widening use of alternative energy sources, it is a great time to invest in an alternative energy fund. The alternative energy explosion does not show any sign of slowing down and is projected to continue in growth of the course of the next few years due to rising energy costs, and environmental issues facing the world. An alternative energy fund is not only a personal investment, but also an investment in the continual production and improvement of alternative energy.