Alternative Energy Investment

Alternative energy appears to be the wave of the future. With the high price of gas and increasing concerns as to how long the dwindling supply of fossil fuels will last, many people are turning to alternative energy as a viable option for meeting their energy needs. The cost of an alternative energy investment varies depending on which source of alternative energy is being used as well as the amount of energy one expects to get from the alternative energy source. For someone who is looking to power their entire home or office using only alternative energy then the initial alternative energy investment will be larger then the cost to simply supplement their current energy usage. Solar photovoltaic panels can be installed by trained professionals for an entire house for around $20,000. When using solar power as an alternative energy source, storage batteries must be purchased as well, as part of the alternative energy investment. These will help provide power to the home during inclement weather and during the night. Smaller, portable solar panels can also be purchased for a small alternative energy investment of around $700. These panels are great for powering computers, car batteries, and other small appliances. A home wind system can be purchased for an alternative energy investment of several thousand dollars. Wind systems are not suitable for all consumers. If a consumer has a river or stream running through their property a micro-hydroelectric energy system can be purchased for a modest alternative energy investment of less than $2000. There are also state and federal incentives available to many consumers as motivators to install alternative energy products.

Another way to promote alternative energy is to look for mutual funds and stocks to buy as an alternative energy investment. There are several ways to go about researching alternative energy investments. One method is to invest in a multi-tiered manner encompassing both large well grounded companies that have a well established growth market, such as nuclear and hydroelectric companies. These are excellent companies to add to a portfolio for a low risk alternative energy investment. Investing in small to large companies as well as companies that operate in newer technologies and research and Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) are also good choices for an alternative energy investment. Experts also recommend investing in mutual finds and companies that specialize in renewable energy as well. Investing in alternative energy is an investment in the future of the planet. Alternative energy investment can not only be profitable on an individual level but also on a massive scale as a way to power the future of the planet.