Alternative Energy Solutions to Demand for Fossil Fuels

Fossil fuels have been used with great abandon for the last few decades. There has been little regard as to where these fuels are coming from or how long they may last. In recent years the use of fossil fuels has increased at an alarming rate and fossil fuel consumption is predicted to increase by 33% in years to come. Fossil fuels such as gasoline and oil a not renewable and have a limited capacity to be used. Once they are gone, they are gone and there is no way to utilize them anymore. The heavy dependence upon fossil fuels has created much concern in the energy industry as well as in the minds of average citizens. Fossils fuels can not last forever and what is a person to do without them? As a result of diminishing supply of fossil fuels practical and viable energy solutions to the demand for fossil fuels must be determined. There is also quite a bit of alarm and concern over the affect that using fossil fuels has on the environment. Many experts are concerned with global warming, greenhouse gases and carbon emissions that stem from the use of fossil fuels. Alternative energy solutions, which do not produce pollution or greenhouses gases are available in the form of alternative energy technologies such as solar power, geothermal power and biotechnology. Wind power is one of the alternative energy solutions that can actually help to combat the carbon emissions and stem the tide of pollution in the air.

Solar power is one of the alternative energy solutions that is easy for the every day person to utilize and take advantage of. The sun generates a lot of power which can be turned into a usable form of energy using photovoltaic panels. Solar energy can be used anywhere the sun shines, and since the sun shines everywhere there are few people who would not benefit from installing solar panels as alternative energy solutions to traditional electricity.

Wind power has been providing alternative energy solutions to people for centuries. Recent technology has made these triple bladed wonders even more powerful. Wind turbines have a small amount of moving parts and therefore require very little maintenance. Harnessing the power of the wind is one of the most popular of the alternative energy solutions for generating electricity. It does not produce pollution and provides a steady and dependable source for power as long as the wind is blowing.

By harnessing the power of the wind and sun as alternative energy solutions the dependence on fossil fuels can be diminished over time until they are not longer necessary at all.