Amazing Ways to Help Protect the Environment (p2)

  1. Cancel the intention of buying any new gadgets that hit the market because they usually use electricity. The more gadgets you use, the more energy you waste.
  2. Instead of throwing electronics away, please recycle them. Recycling electronics programs may even pay you to do so.
  3. Instead of a funeral with a casket, consider a cremation. Caskets usually use precious wood. Moreover, the preservatives which are used in a traditional funeral will end up in the soil and groundwater.
  4. Instead of buying laundry detergent, use soap nuts for laundry. They are made from the Sapindus tree and contain natural surfactants that are harmless and effective to the environment.
  5. Instead of using a blow dryer after washing your hair, allow hair to air dry. It is better for your tresses and helps to save on your electricity use, too.
  6. Use more raw food items such as salads and crudités because cooking uses energy and water.
  7. Cook all meals of a week in one day. It takes up much more energy for cooking one dish for an hour than cooking an entire menu or entire roast during that same period of time.
  8. Encourage your whole family to have meals together. If all members are eating on individual schedules, your family will have to use more baking, more refrigerator door openings, more microwaving than if everyone eats at the same time.
  9. Before throwing anything away that will end up in the soil, consider the second uses. For example, you can use paper bags to store leftovers in the fridge, use onions bags to scour the sink, use bread ties to control electrical cords, use large plastic bags to line wastebaskets.
  10. Instead of buying and drinking bottled water, consider a home water filter and fill up stainless steel or glass water bottles with tap water.