Amazing Ways to Help Protect the Environment (p3)

  1. Capture rainfall in barrels and use this water for irrigation of your garden or to wash garden equipment.
  2. Instead of turning up the heat in winter, wear a sweater and wooly socks.
  3. Use heavy thermal drapery instead of light curtains in cold months to keep warmth inside your house.
  4. Clean shutters closed to keep your house cool on hot days so that you don’t have to rely on air conditioning so much.
  5. Unplug the TV and other electronic appliances to avoid creating a slow electricity drain due to their LED lights constantly on. While you’re sleeping, you have no need to know the time on your cable box.
  6. Clean up spills and countertops with cotton kitchen towels instead of using paper towels.
  7. Instead of an electric-powered or gasoline mower, consider using a reel mower to cut the grass. Reel mowers use only muscle, not any other power sources. They also help to decrease noise pollution.
  8. Buy foods from local farmers as much as possible. Transporting and refrigerating foods across the highways costs highly to the environment.
  9. Avoid using the pesticides because after entering the soil and groundwater, they will end up killing the soil nutrients. Instead of using them, consider natural gardening techniques to keep pests and weeds at bay.
  10. Avoid buying individually wrapped items such as cookies, candies, or medicine. The more wrapping, the more harmful it is to the environment.
  11. Instead of electric tools, use manual ones as much as possible. Instead of miter or chain saw, use a hand one.
  12. Instead of an electric powered or battery alarm clock, use an old-fashioned wind up one.
  13. Buy products which are less packed to cut down on packaging materials.
  14. Instead of getting a plastic bag from the dispenser whenever you go shopping, place your produce directly into your personal reusable bags or into your shopping cart.