Back to Nature: Water Conservation

Life is so much easier when it is uncomplicated. Going back to nature is a great way to simplify your life. There are many options to consider and many different subjects that are affected by nature. Water conservation is of great concern.

Many of our natural resources are at risk and the environment is suffering because of our carelessness. We can do our part by going back to nature in certain aspects of our lives. Little changes can make a big difference.

This is not to suggest that you have to live in a hut and heat your meals over an open flame. You can make many environmentally friendly changes that hearken back to nature that are relatively small.

Take little steps by starting in your kitchen. Water conservation is of the utmost importance. You can do your part by washing your dishes all at once. Follow the washing with the rinse.

Instead of leaving the water running as you wash the dishes, turn it off. Wash each dish in one sink. Rinse them in cold water after they are all washed. A cold-water rinse saves energy and it prevents spotting.

Long, hot showers may be appealing but you can use a lot of water in the process. The idea of going back to nature when it comes to bathing is not appealing at all. However, you can save water and time without taking a cold shower.

Military showers typically consist of a systematic approach. Wet down with water. Shut off the flow while your lather up and wash your hair. Turn the water back on for a through rinse.

Save lengthy stays in the bathroom for a nice hot bath at the end of the week. This practice is an ideal treat after a long day. You will appreciate it more if you dont do it everyday.

Brushing your teeth should not require much water at all. Why stand in front of a running faucet? Wet the toothbrush. Turn off the water. Apply the paste and brush. Turn the water back on while you rinse.

The same applies for washing your face. Just use the water that you actually need in the process. If it is running down the drain untouched, it isnt going back to nature effectively.

Traditional toilets use an awful lot of water each time they flushing. Leaving urine in the commode is not an appealing solution to this problem. If you cant invest in a new, efficient toilet you can still do your part to save water.

Fill a couple bottles with water and place them in the tank. This displaces the water and fills the space. Less water enters the tank. This means that less water is used for each flush.

These are just a few simple suggestions to consider. Once your mind goes back to nature, you will be able to see various ways to conserve water. You may also find ways to help the environment in other areas as well.

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