Fight Climate Change and Change our World Today Before It Changes Us

There are many different ways to fight climate change, from government programs, and industry incentives to citizen and community involvement. Governments can fight climate change by cutting down on greenhouse gas emissions, and providing incentives for major industries to look into other sources of energy other than through fossil fuels. More time and effort needs […]

The Spread of Green Washing Claims in Global Warming and Climate Change Issues

It has long been known that governments and businesses discredited the media for global warming and climate change information. Much of the information on global warming and climate change was considered to be sensationalism, or an outright hoax aimed at scaring the average citizen. However it is becoming even more difficult to discredit the efforts […]

Impacts of Climate Change Upon Freshwater and Marine Fish

The impacts of climate change can be devastating on the worlds fisheries, their income potential and our food source. Certain fish will become extinct, losing their habitat, their food supplies, and their ability to adapt to the new projected changes in the ecosystems of the world. The impacts of climate change on fisheries will be […]

The Nobel Prize Winning Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change

The Intergovernmental panel on climate change is a panel of qualified scientific personnel set up under the umbrella of the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) and United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP). The mandate of the Intergovernmental panel on climate change is to provide government bodies, decision makers, and all interested in climate change, its causes, affects […]

What Causes Climate Change Informed Citizens Want to Know

There are so many directions in which one can go into to address the question what causes climate change. One direction is that there are still some scientists out there who do not agree that carbon dioxide emissions released into our atmosphere is actually what causes climate change. Dr. Evans, an Australian scientist and former […]

Abrupt Climate Change Requires Fast Solutions

We no doubt have heard about global warming and how it is predicted to change the earths atmosphere by the end of this century. This century has just begun, we have 92 years left to go, and all of us reading this article will be gone by then. Of course we want a better environment […]