Changes Everyone Can Make to Enjoy Eco-Friendly Lifestyle

It’s no longer just on World Environment Day that the focus is on the impact humans have on the environment and how everyone can help clean up. The awareness is pleasingly increasing, and more and more people around the globe are willing to change their lifestyle and make an effort to have an eco-friendly life. Most think to change to a solar system or to swop your car for a hybrid are the only ways, yet there are many smaller options to decrease your carbon footprints.

The UK Tea and Infusion Association suggest switching to eco-friendly tea bags. Currently, 165-million cups of tea are enjoyed daily in the United Kingdom only. Most tea bags sold is only up to 80% biodegradable since it contains plastic polypropylene. Tea bags by PG Tips and the Co-op companies are 100 % degradable and completely polypropylene free.

Clothes shopping Not Equal to a eco-friendly lifestyle

Clothes shopping does not contribute to an eco-friendly lifestyle, and it’s by far not a kind action when it comes to our planet. The rise in swap shops massively contributes to the environment since yearly £100 million worth of clothes is added to the landfill, and that is in the UK only.

Get tech savvy and smarten your to-do lists, we all need some reminders and checklists to ensure we get to all the tasks and one of the ways to help the environment is to say goodbye to the colourful Post-it notes and by using your smartphone instead. Google offers a Wunderlist allowing users to enter all their tasks on a to-do list and it can even be shared with the rest of the family.

The Live Earth Global Warming Survival Handbook suggests could have a major impact on the environment, it worked out that if one million individuals worked from home for one day of the week, it would eliminate three million tons per years of CO2. The alternative is organising carpools with co-workers and friends, or best for your health ditch the car, get out in nature and ride a bike.

If you feel online food shopping from home could be a bit lazy, you wrong as it does wonders for the environment since it ends car trips to the shop and with the delivery van, several homes get their daily shopping via one trip. Most shops offer no bags and pack, which is yet another eco-friendly decision and although bags can be requested. The Oxford University suggested cutting out dairy products and meat from your diet for one day a week, which would reduce the carbon footprint of individuals by 73%. The latest, Tesco encourages shoppers to bring with them Tupperware to pack weighed meat directly in their containers.

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