Easily Attainable Ways to Prevent Global Warming

We know that global warming is a serious problem facing our governments, environmental associations, scientists, and medical communities today. There are many ways to prevent global warming that even the average citizen can do to prevent the problem from getting any worst than it already is. The issues of global warming are universal issues and […]

What is Global Warming a Question our Ancestors Never had to Ask?

One of the most difficult environmental issues to deal with today is global warming, but before we start any discussion we must ask the question what is global warming? When you google the question what is global warming you will get a host of web definitions to explain what is global warming. Each definition will […]

Humans Affected by Global Warming will become Less Healthy than Mosquitoes

Discussions about the climate crisis most often focus on greenhouse gas emissions, polar ice caps melting, temperature changes, sea levels rising, famines and droughts. We must not negate to look at humans that will be affected by global warming in terms of the virus explosion it will perpetuate. Yes, we will not only be affected […]

Al Gore Global Warming Warnings: Our World is in a Crisis

Vice President Al Gore was defeated in the 2000 election but his passion for humankind was not defeated, Gore turned his direction towards saving the planet from the dire effects of global warming. Al Gore global warming crusader presents the truths and debunks the myths about global warming and climatic change. Al Gore, global warming […]

Cause of Global Warming: From Mining Coal to Raising Cattle

There are many people that believe that humans are the single most cause of global warming. Scientists have been warning us for decades that we are recklessly destroying our world and not leaving much of a legacy for our descendants. When humans are the cause of global warming through different activities, these causes are said […]

The Most Critical Effects of Global Warming Are We Running out of Time?

The most critical effects of global warming that we are seeing across the globe today have already begun to change the face of the earth and warm up the atmosphere. The cause of global warming is linked directly to greenhouse gas emissions, and these deadly gases stay within the earths atmosphere like a blanket of […]

Facts About Global Warming: What is the Real Deal?

Global warming is hot topic on everyone minds, but who is responsible for giving us the facts about global warming? How much of what we know are actual facts about global warming and how much is fiction? With so much information floating around about global warming and from so many sources it is hard for […]

Global Warming is not About Weather Changes

Scientists warn about global warming and the harmful effects it has and will continue to have on our environments. Climatologists have discovered that the earth is warming up at the rate of 1 degree Fahrenheit for every hundred years. Members of the different scientific communities are already seeing the dire consequences global warming has upon […]