Several energy-efficient solutions (Part 2)

     6. Don’t overdo the heater and air conditioner. A 2 degree reduction in the heater in winter will help reduce 6% of CO2 emissions, equivalent to 191 kg of CO2.

7. Regularly clean and replace the filter. Energy is lost when air conditioners and heaters have to work “harder” to draw air through a dusty filter. Cleaning the filter will save 5% of energy and reduce 80kg of CO2 emissions.

     8. Use energy-saving compact bulbs for the best light efficiency. Although the initial investment cost is higher than conventional bulbs, compact bulbs in the long run will be more economical because they only use of the electricity and have a lifespan of 8-12 times longer than conventional bulbs. provides equivalent brightness. When lighting a normal bulb, only 10% of the electricity is used to light up and the remaining 90% of the electricity is only used to make the bulb heat up.

     9. Insulate your hot water heating system at a cost of only $ 10- $ 20 but will save 450 kg of gas for hot water heating

     10. Install a nozzle to reduce water flow to limit hot water use. It costs about $ 10- $ 20 but annually reduces about 650 kg of CO2 emissions and saves 200 kg of gas.

     11. Self-conditioning indoor / apartment. Seal up air leaks on windows or doors. This costs only about $ 1 per window and will reduce 2,500kg of CO2 emissions. Ask your supplier to do an energy audit to see if your home is energy efficient or not. This service can be either free or for a very small cost. Make sure they check your home heating and air conditioning system as well.

     12. Walk, bike, carpool or use public transport whenever possible. For example, if your car travels 30 km and consumes 1 gallon of gasoline, each year you reduce 3200km of travel will reduce 4000kg CO2 per year.

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