Wildlife and Sustainable Development and Environment Issues

Not so long ago, before the age of sustainable development and environment concerns, land was developed for residential and commercial purposes without any thought to the environment or the wildlife that lived there. For generations, in the name of progress, wildlife has been pushed out of the way and their habitat was taken away. Is […]

The Essence of Sustainable Development Definition

The sustainable development definition is a concept to meet human needs will preserving the natural resources; this is to be able to meet the basic human needs not only in the present generation, but in the generations of the future. Sustainable development definition is broad to cover environmental, economic and sociopolitical issues. Cultural diversity is […]

Sustainable Development Intellectual Property Rights

Thanks to our forefathers in government and the concept of sustainable development, intellectual property has commercial value; laws are in place to protect intellectual property (IP), such as literary or artistic pieces, from being stolen, or used without permission. Because of sustainable development, intellectual property is protected by trademarks, copyrights, and patents. In terms of […]

Sustainable Development with Mining Safety

For environmental purposes sustainable development with mining allows workers to excavate raw materials from the mines around the world in a responsible manner. In the past mining was more dangerous than it is today. It is still a dangerous profession, though much safer than before the days of sustainable development with mining practices. The process […]

How Does Sustainable Development Work

How does sustainable development work? Sustainable development work is not a brand new term; the concept is to meet the needs of human beings without harming the environment. Sustainable development is broken down into these three parts: environmental, economic and sociopolitical. Everyone that recycles is doing sustainable development work. When you pick up trash off […]

Sustainable Economic Development in the Food Growing Industry

Sustainable economic development in the food industry starts with the farmers; they must take measures to produce food without harming the environment. In past years a farmer might try to grow many crops; however, there were always problems with erosion and soil depletion. Sustainable economic development calls for a specialization and mechanization in planting to […]

Global Warming and the Sustainable Energy Development Program

As fossil fuels continue to sky rocket in price, so does the Sustainable Energy Development Program need to educate people about global warming. The Sustainable Energy Development Program introduces biomass, solar, wind, and geothermal forms of energies to help combat the damage done to our planet through the use of fossil fuels. Throughout history since […]

Technical Innovation Sustainable Development in Relation to Hurricanes

Before the age of technical innovation sustainable development, the use of fossil fuels for many generations slowly over time caused havoc with the earth’s ecosystems. Now more than in times past we are having patterns of extreme weather changes. The earth is warming up; changes in the gulf stream causes winds to shift affecting the […]

What is Sustainable Development?

What is sustainable development? Sustainable development is a broad concept that refers to meeting the needs of people without hurting the environment. The concept covers meeting economic, environmental and social needs of everyone without hurting anyone or anything in the process. What is sustainable development? The concept was brought to life and named by The […]