Different Sources of Alternative Energy (part 2)

  1. Biomass Energy

Biomass energy comes in various forms. Burning wood has been used to create heat for thousands of years, but recent advancements have also seen waste.

The generated heat of burning wood can be the same as that of a central heating system. Moreover, the involved costs tend to be lower and the amount of released carbon by this kind of fuel is lower than the amount released by fossil fuels.

However, there are some issues that you need to consider installing these systems in your home, including maintenance and permission from a local authority.

  1. Wind Energy

Wind energy has become more and more popular in recent years. It offers some benefits that are the same as many other alternative fuel sources. For example, it generates no waste and makes use of a renewable source.

Wind energy installs power in about twenty million houses in the United States each year and this number is growing. Nowadays, most states in the US have some form of wind energy set-up that continues to grow.

Unfortunately, this energy generation form also presents some challenges, including wind turbines restricting views and being dangerous to some forms of wildlife.

  1. Geothermal Power

Basically, geothermal power means extracting energy from the ground around us. Nowadays, it is growing more and more popular. The World Bank estimates that about 40 countries can almost meet their power demands using geothermal power.

This power source does little to disrupt the land and has massive potential. However, due to its high costs, there is slower adoption of  geothermal power plants than expected for a fuel source with so much promise.

  1. Natural Gas

Although natural gas sources have been used for some decades, it is through the progression of compression techniques to become a more viable alternative energy source. Particularly, it is being used in cars in order to reduce carbon emissions.

Demand for natural gas has been increasing, however, it comes with some issues, including emitting greenhouse gases.