Effective Ways to Stop Using Single-Use Plastic (part 1)

The proliferation of single-use plastic all over the world is accelerating climate change and should be urgently halted. It is clearly proved that plastic contributes to greenhouse gas emissions at all stages of its lifecycle, from its production to its refining to the way it is a waste product. Therefore, we all need urgent action to stem production and flow of single-use plastic. There are a lot of effective ways to stop using single-use plastic to protect the environment.

1. Use Reusable Bags

There are too many plastic bags that end up in our oceans and marine life is becoming endangered and even dying because of them. We hope that plastic bags will be eliminated all together as soon as possible. Consider bringing reusable bags with you, keeping them in your purse, car, house and office. Some grocery stores offer quicker check out lines for customers who bring their own reusable bags. There’s no need to put your tomatoes in a separate bag from your avocados.

2. Use Reusable Straws, Say NO to Plastic Straws

Not using plastic straws is a very simple and small change that you can contribute to make a difference. If you really need a straw in a certain case, use reusable metal straws, or paper straws instead of plastic straws. There are metal straws that are sold in packs, so you can keep one in your purse and leave the others at home, car, and office.

3. Use Reusable Water Bottles

Plastic water bottles are a threat to our oceans and the Amazon Rainforest. Moreover, drinking from single-use plastic water bottles is also very toxic and harmful for our health. There is multiple choices of reusable water bottles in various shapes and sizes and there is no reason for you to keep using plastic water bottles.

4. Ice Cream Cones Instead of Cups

Make sure to choose cones instead of cups when going out for ice cream. Ice cream cups are a unnecessary use of plastic that takes years to fully decompose.