Force of Nature: The Four Categories

Four forces of nature interact to make the world a dynamic place. These elements are not tangible, making them a great source of interest. Some may consider a force of nature to be synonymous with magic. In some ways, it is.

When we think of a force of nature, many of us automatically picture a spectacular storm. This image is quite valid considering the magnitude of the subject. This article briefly explores the four basic forces.


Perhaps the most well known force of nature is gravity. A gravitational pull draws things closer. Ironically, this pull is rather weak. The power that this force really has lies in its range.

Gravity pulls on bodies that are remarkably far away. Mass is the foundation of this force so it is able to link any type of matter in gravitational pull. Gravity is diverse and it always attracts.

Gravitational pull may be weak but it is consistent. It attracts all forms of matter and it has a remarkably long range that expands into space. The fundamental properties of gravity make it a force of nature that has a profound but subtle impact on the universe.

Electromagnetic Force

Interactions are rampant in the universe. There is much movement and energy at work. Electromagnetic force deals with electric and magnetic interactions.

Consider the common, everyday magnet. This device demonstrates the electromagnetic forces at work in the universe. Magnets are drawn to bodies that have are charged with electricity.

Electromagnetic energy can be either attractive or repulsive. This means that it can pull two bodies together or it can pull them away from each other. This type of force only works with elements that have an electrical charge.

Strong Interaction

Strong interaction is quite powerful, especially compared to gravity. This force of nature works on a relatively small scale. Consider the strong pull that holds nuclei together.

You do not have to split atoms to realize the relatively short range that strong interaction has. This force of nature functions to attract elements to each other. It repels in rare instances.

Weak Force

Weak force has the least power of the four nature forces. Neutrinos are elements that travel as fast as light. They have no charge so they can move without detection.

Neutrinos use weak force as a means of interaction. Radioactive decay also uses this force of nature to create neutrinos. The range of the force is remarkably small.

The four natural forces demonstrate how complex the universe is. The four categories each have its own characteristics, strengths and limitations. The forces are subtle but they have a profound effect on everything around them.

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