Know Your Local Recycling Guidelines

Communities across the country are making the move to mandatory recycling. It is important to take the time to learn your communities recycling guidelines and whether recycling is mandated or strictly volunteer when you move in to save potentially big troubles later on.

Below are a few general guidelines for properly recycling common materials.

Glass jars and bottles. You should rinse these containers out before recycling and some areas will require that you remove any labels and recycle those separately. This is one instant where you will need to check your local guidelines particularly if recycling is mandates.

Cardboard. Most communities require that the cardboard you recycle be flattened and cut down to size so that it will fit in approved containers if you want curbside service. If you aren’t interested in doing this or have exceptionally large boxes you may want to check and see if there is a local drop off center that will accept larger boxes.

Cans. Many people have discovered the benefit of recycling aluminum cans as scrap metal for a little extra pocket change. You should check your local recycling guidelines. Some city services offer cash for recycled cans if you bring them in. In other areas you will need to drive a while in order to receive money for your recycled cans. When recycling other types of cans you will definitely want to check the community recycling guidelines concerning cleaning the cans and removing labels. This is different from one community to the next so even when you move within a state be sure to check out differences.

Plastic containers. There are all kinds of plastic containers. You will need to know about the mixing and matching of these containers so check your recycling guidelines for that. It is very important the the container be empty before recycling, particularly those that may have held cleaning products or materials that are used for lawn care or automotive purposes. Most products that are in recyclable containers will have the recycling symbol on them as well as instructions for disposal. It is a good idea to always double check within community ordinances or the local recycling company to insure that you are doing the right thing according to recycling guidelines.

Paper. Paper is one material that recycling can make a huge difference in the amount of trash you go through in week’s time. Begin recycling paper today and then take note of how little garbage the local waste management service is taking from your home each week. Now imagine if everyone took this step.

Recycling is a great way to contribute to reducing the amount of waste filling up our landfills. Be sure that you know the recycling guidelines in your community though before you begin.