Recycling Center Rules

Recycling centers provide an extremely important service. The process of reusing materials can take a lot of time and money. Consumers can help their local centers by following some simple rules.

Organization is a necessity in the realm of recycled products. Every item should be in the proper place for quick processing. When items are out of sort, they slow down the process, making the job more difficult.

You may think that a misplaced item does little harm but a number of items out of place can lead to a big mess. We can do our part by being aware of our actions and by taking a moment to consider the undertaking the recycling center takes.

Consider the following before going to your local recycling center:

Some cardboard is not acceptable. The prime example is a pizza box. This item is contaminated with grease so it cant be recycled easily.

Many centers do not accept cardboard at all. Please check before sending this material to your local center.

Cardboard may have staples but processors do not accept items that are covered with tape. Remove all tape from the cardboard.

Some businesses allow customers to recycle their cardboard leftovers at their locations. The businesses follow the same requirements as the recycling center.

Some forms of paper are not suitable for recycling. They include waxed paper juice containers and papers that have absorbed oil. Carbon paper and paper contaminated with food cannot be recycled.

Personal hygiene and feminine products are not acceptable.

Any paper that has a layer of plastic should not be sent to the recycling center. These items typically have marks indicating that they contain plastic coatings.

Some phone books are easier to recycle than others are. Some have water-soluble glue that makes the process easier.

Check to see if the recycling center accepts phone books all year long. Some wait until the new books are distributed before they accept the outdated ones.

Newspaper is ideal for recycling. These publications contain shiny advertisements. These can be recycled as well.

Brown paper bags are simple to recycle as well and are acceptable as long as they are not contaminated with food or oil.

Other paper products include magazines and some food packages. Envelops and junk mail can be recycled as well.

Dont worry about removing staples from paper products and cardboard.

A recycling center is an establishment that relies on cleanliness and order. Taking a few moments to organize your materials will save the center a lot of time and aggravation.