Recycling Facts

The environment is a hot topic right now. Reusing items that would commonly wind up in landfills is a great way to help keep the environment clean. Following are some interesting recycling facts to encourage you to put some effort into this cause.

It takes more energy to burn plastic than it does to recycle it. If you consider throwing plastic in the incinerator, think about sending it to the recycling center instead. The plant may not be able to recycle every container but it is worth the effort.

Making a new glass bottle from scratch produces significantly more air and water pollution than recycling it. This saved energy is enough to run a 100-watt light bulb during a four-hour period. You could either light up your evening or toss a single glass bottle in the trash.

Aluminum is a fascinating metal and it is one of our favorite recycling facts. It was once more precious than gold. This metal is interesting for its historical value but it also has wonderful properties that make it ideal for recycling. Aluminum can be recycled repeatedly without limit.

Just over a quarter of our weekly newspapers are recycled. The production of Sunday newspapers require five hundred thousand trees each week. These dismal recycling facts reflect the desperate need for people to take action. Recycling newspapers each week can save so much of the environment.

Some recycling facts are overwhelming. People throw away a lot of paper but we also waste a lot of wood. We could heat fifty million homes over a course of twenty years with the amount of paper and wood that is thrown away each year. Run those numbers through your head one more time. It is staggering.

Another stunning fact about recycling concerns plastic bottles. These items are unnatural enemies of the environment and there are a lot of them. A lot is an understatement.

People in United States alone use about 2.5 million plastic bottles. Many readers would assume that the 2.5 million bottles are used each year. Actually, Americans use that many every hour. Unfortunately, the bottles wind up in landfills.

Not all recycling facts are so bleak. According to the US Environmental Protections Agency, our efforts to recycle have been beneficial to the environment. This agency estimates that 64 million tons of material has been recycled or used for compost.

The EPA estimates that the United States recycles just over thirty-two percent of its garbage. This number is low but it is twice as much recycled material as fifteen years ago.

Public awareness and responsibility can help to develop facts about recycling in the future. The process takes time and effort but the earth will reap the benefits for generations to come. US Environmental Protections Agency