Amazing Ways to Help Protect the Environment (p1)

The Earth is a huge ecosystem which deserves our protection. Without the environment, we would not be able to survive as humans. It’s the duty of each person to protect the environment. You can help protect the environment by starting out with little but important things like reducing the use of water, electricity, gasoline; preventing items from going into landfills or saving on natural resources.

  1. Instead of throwing your food leftovers away or sending them down the garbage disposal, compost them for your garden.
  2. Walk or ride a bicycle whenever you can instead of driving a car or motorcycle, which use gasoline and emit carbon monoxide.
  3. Instead of washing dishes by hand, use a dishwasher. That can help save water and energy.
  4. Set up a small vegetable garden so that you save some car trips to the grocery store and easy to grow items like tomatoes, onions, carrots, potatoes, and garlic.
  5. Instead of using an electric blender, use hand blending whenever you can in order to save electricity.
  6. Turn off the hot tub when not being used or get rid of it altogether. They use a continuous supply of power, even if you keep them on the lowest setting.
  7. Replace your standard toilet with a low-flow toilet. It saves up to seven gallons per flush in compared with a regular toilet.
  8. Lead the fight for better environmental practices throughout your neighborhoods.
  9. Spot clean clothes, don’t throw them into the washing machine when just a little spill happens.
  10. Install a greywater system on your property in order to reuse the water from sinks and washing machines. Then divert the water to the garden to use for washing cars, grills, garden equipment, etc.
  11. Use the reusable bags when shopping to help cut down on the use and manufacture of plastic bags.
  12. Use candlelight instead of electric lighting whenever you can, especially an hour before and during your bedtime. That’s a savings of electricity use, plus the candlelight will be better for your night’s sleep.