The Benefits of Recycling

Recycling generally means turning old used materials into new ones. By recycling, energy and raw materials are saved.

Because the population is increasing continuously and the disposable products are used more and more, our natural resources are being exhausted at an alarming rate. Only less than 25% of our waste is being recycled while the remaining is being buried or incinerated in landfills.

This article will discuss the benefits of recycling including environmental and economic benefits.

1. Preserves Natural Resources & Prevents Habitat Destruction

Mostly all natural resources are finite, which means they are limited and will run out at some point. So preserving the natural resources is very important for the longevity of natural resources available for human use. One way to reduce the consumption of natural resources is by using recycled materials to make new products and packaging.

Reducing land disturbances, pollution, mining, and extraction of new materials can help in decreasing the degradation of natural ecosystems and wildlife habitats.

In addition, paper recycling helps to lower the demand for wood. So, it results in the preservation and biodiversity of forests, by lowering the demand for wood.

2. Creates Jobs & Benefits the Economy

Recycling benefits the economy by making waste re-used and reduced.

Studies have shown that each job in waste management is four jobs in recycling. After recycling, more jobs are created for making new goods out of recycled materials.

Recycling also helps to save communities money used for waste handling, landfill production because waste is recycled and reused instead of being put into the landfills.

3. Saves Energy, Reduces Pollution and Preserves Landfill Space

Recycling reduces pollution by reusing materials instead of creating new ones, which also saves energy.

Once the hazardous waste is recycled, it is prevented from making to the landfills where it can potentially contaminate water sources, which is known to have happened.

So, by recycling, we can reduce pollution, conserving resources, saving energy, promoting the economy, and creating jobs. Think about nature, your own family’s well-being as well as the health of future generations and reduce, reuse, and recycle.