What is solar power and the role of solar energy? (Part 1)

Solar power is created in two popular ways in the world today: using solar panels and using the heat capture system (centralized solar power CSP) to operate the flux power plant.

What is solar power?

Solar power is electricity generated from the conversion of sunlight into electricity by using solar panels or from a solar power plant based on the reflection principle to operate the boiler. the water turns the turbines to generate electricity.

Solar battery

Solar cells, also known as photovoltaic cells (PV: Photovoltaic ), solar cells are devices that convert sunlight into electricity, this generated electricity is also commonly known as energy electricity. Sun. The mechanism of action of this device is based on the photoelectric effect in physics.

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Solar cells were first created in 1880, in 1954 silicon solar cells created by researchers Gerald Pearson, Calvin Fuller and Daryl Chapin from the US, the original selling price of energy cells. the sun is up to 286 USD/watt with conversion efficiency of only 4.5-6%.

Silicon solar cell technology has been developed until now, major manufacturers in the world such as Canadian , Sharp, Q-cell, .. have improved the technology and raised the efficiency level to 16-25. % and nearly 40% in laboratories. In the future, solar cell technology will continue to be developed to be more efficient in many aspects.

Centralized solar power

The CSP: Concentrated solar power system uses mirrors, lenses, and tracking systems to reflect sunlight over a wide area into a small beam that generates enormous heat. This heat is used to melt salt at temperatures up to 566 0 C. The molten salt is led to boil the water tank to create a strong steam flow that turns the generator turbine.

Historically, the first person to use this technique was the great Greek scientist Acsimet (Archimedes), who used a bronze mirror to focus the sunlight that burned Roman ships.

The advantage of the CSP system is that the raw materials for the production of equipment are quite popular and cheap, high efficiency, does not adversely affect the environment, but only suitable for building power large solar energy.