What Happens When You Upset the Balance of Nature?

It can be argued that throughout history people have upset the balance of nature. From the first time that we cleared out a cave to make a home, we displaced other living animals. In modern history, we not only build our societies in ways that make it unfit for many native species but we also emit a lot of pollution into the area that leads to global warming.
Global Warming
Perhaps the biggest human upset to the balance of nature has come through our effect on global warming. Many scientists believe that global warming has effected our planet to such a degree that large scale and possibly irreversible effects will be felt worldwide.
Those effects include changes in our weather patterns. Higher temperatures may be linked to an increase in precipitation. Higher temperatures may also be linked to stronger and more violent storms such as Category 4 and 5 hurricanes.
While much of the world is experiencing more precipitation and violent storms, some areas of the world, such as Africa, may experience severe droughts. It is feared that those droughts will result in widespread famine, disease and possibly wars over resources.
Another major environmental change is the melting of polar glaciers. In approximately the last 100 years, the surface area of glaciers has decreased by about 50%. Glacier melting causes landslides and floods. It also contributes to a rise in sea levels that may lead to the disappearance of some low lying islands across the globe.
It is also believed that the balance of nature will be significantly disrupted in the animal kingdom if global warming is not addressed quickly. Some scientists believe that if the average global temperature rises 1.5-2.5 Celsius degrees (about 2 degrees Fahrenheit) 20 -30% of the worlds species that have been assessed will be at risk of extinction. The picture is even more dire if the average temperature rises by 3.5 degree Celsius. In that scenario 40-70% of the species already assessed will become extinct.
The Balance of Nature is Delicate
It is important for human beings to remember that we are just a part of the balance. It is not our responsibility nor is it our right to change that balance of power and it is impossible for us to foresee all of the consequences of our actions, even with the brightest minds and the latest computer models. So, for our own safety and that of our children it is important that we respect the balance of nature and to do our best to live within it rather than to alter it.

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